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Welcome, and thanks for visiting.   These days I own and operate a BBQ Restaurant in Naples, FL. Check it out if you are here: I Burnt Mine BBQ

Look for me on Facebook: dave.higgins or Twitter @DaveHiggins1

In the meantime, if any of the resources from my old website are useful, help yourself!

Link to my Blog entries from my old INgage days here.

There's a new web site devoted to J.D. Warnier. Check it out here.

Dave Higgins has been a student of systems development and improvement methods since 1975. Together with Ken Orr and the late Jean-Dominique Warnier, Dave was one of the principal architects of the Data Structured Software Development (DSSD) methodology--more widely known as the Warnier/Orr approach--that was widely used in the late 1970's and early 1980's. 

In his capacity as a software engineering evangelist, he has performed hundreds of seminars on a wide variety of topics from program design and modification, to systems and data base design, requirements definition, planning and project management. In his capacity as a consultant, he has advised many top organizations in both the public and private sector on technology planning and implementation.  In the last few years he has been specializing in Knowledge Management issues and Strategic Technology Planning.

Dave is also the author of five books on various aspects of software engineering. His first book published back in 1979, Program Design and Construction, was perhaps the first on developing quality software for personal computers and was translated into over a dozen languages (J.-D. Warnier was kind enough to write the preface for the French edition). His book Data Structured Software Maintenance remains one of the few to address the practical application of structured concepts to the modification of existing programs. He is also the author of Data Structured Program Design Workshop (with Dave Scott) and Duh-2000: The Stupidest Things Said About the Year 2000 Problem (with Ken Orr).

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